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At Pat's World Staging & Re-Design, we take great pleasure in offering a wide range of home staging and decorating services. Whether you are a seller, real estate agent, investor, or builder we are here to help you choose the right solution.
Services Offered:

  • Vacant Staging-Start at $1,700


  • Occupied Staging Consultation-Start at $300

  • eDesign-$499

  • Pick My Brain-Start at $125


  • Interior Decorating


Our vacant and occupied home staging services help you accomplish your goals of getting your property sold for top dollar even in this HOT MARKET.  We ensure your home's attributes are highlighted and create a beautiful aesthetic for the potential buyer. 


If you are looking for a new look and feel in your new or existing home let us help transform your space with one of our decorating service packages. After all, "why live in a house when you can live in your home".

The investment in staging is usually far less than your first price reduction.....

Avoid a Price Reduction


The first week a property is listed will generate.

the most traffic and interest.  So, make sure you have.

properly prepared your home to maximize this opportunity.

Homes do not sell in “as is” condition anymore

of course, they have suffered great price reductions

The investment in staging is always far less than the

first price reduction!         


It's competitive out there, let us help you!


When your property is listed for sale, you are literally competing with every other property in the neighborhood. We use our expertise to make your property stand out among the competition by staging your home to appeal to the greatest number of

potential buyers.

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