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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is a consultation?

A.  A consultation is required before any work can begin; we conduct a walk-through of your home and discuss potential changes that  may enhance areas of your home. We will take photographs of each room to be used to help you with your staging design. Following  the initial consultation, you will know exactly what it will take to prepare your home for its next owner. You then decide how much of the work you want Pat’s World Staging & Re-Design to handle and what you’d like to do yourself.

Q.  “Why should I spend money on a home I plan to sell?”

A.  Staging is a cost effective method to maximize the return on your home. Plus you can’t afford to miss the season and have your home sit on the market for four or more months.  Home staging is a valuable tool that can help improve the value of your home. A home that is professionally staged is most likely to sell more quickly than a
non-staged, cluttered, or vacant home. And think about this; if you have ever spent a weekend going to open houses, remember how drawn you were to the homes that showed beautifully and how uninterested you were in the ones that didn't?   

Q.  Is your home already on the market?

A.  It’s never too late to stage. Staging can fix the things a price reduction can’t. Pat’s World  Staging & Re-Design encourages home sellers to first consider the low cost of staging over the high cost of a price reduction.
Q.  How long does staging take?

A.  Initial consultations vary from one to two hours. The actual staging process may take hours, days or sometimes even weeks depending on the condition of the property.

Q.   My house is vacant, should it be staged?

A.  Yes! It’s extremely important to stage vacant properties, because 90% of home buyers cannot
visualize a space’s potential. With staging, we can create a warm, inviting home that buyers can easily
see themselves coming home to.

Q.  Who pays for home staging?

A.  In most cases, the homeowner pays for home staging. The homeowner is responsible for getting the home in top selling condition and keeping it that  way as long as it is on the market. The real estate agent is responsible for marketing the home, listing it on  the MLS, arranging for showings and open houses, and completing all the paperwork for the sale, etc.

Q.  Is staging expensive?

A.  Anything you spend for professional staging services could net you thousands in return, plus a quicker sale. It could cost  much less  than your first price reduction! The fee is dependent on many factors such as size of property, condition of the home  and whether rental furnishings are needed, etc.

Q.  Have you thought about selling your home as is?

A.  If so, this can cost you money. Your home is one of your biggest investments you have and selling as is can actually cost you money in terms of lost equity. Investing in home staging can give you the best chance to get the greatest value out of your property. Remember, home staging usually costs far less then the typical price reduction you'll be asked to make if your house doesn't sell.



Q.  Why should I bother staging my home? What do I get back for all the time and effort I put in?

A. This is one of the most common home staging questions among sellers, especially those who are selling in a seller's market. Here's the bottom line: Staging your home can benefit you regardless of what type of real estate market you are in. In a buyer's market, you will need every advantage you can get in order to sell your home for a decent sale price, so it's extra important to stage your home effectively. But even in a seller's market staging may help you achieve a quick sale for the maximum sale price. So no matter what kind of real estate market you are in, it's always wise to stage your home  for the market.  

Q.  Do you have any proof that home staging works?

A.  While there is no guarantee that your home will sell if you have it staged, given the many factors involved that can affect the sale, such as price, location, marketing, ease of showing, etc. There are statistics that prove home staging is a practical option in  getting your home sold quickly.


Did you know…
90% of people can not envision the potential of an empty or cluttered home. As the seller, it is your job to help them see your home in the best possible light.


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